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Computer Repair can be a frustrating experience if you are not careful. I have been a computer repair technician for over 25 years and this is my experiences with fixing my computer problems on Windows and Mac computers. You can expect many things to happen during your time as a technician. The following are some of the things that I have had to deal with when repairing a computer or finding a solution to a problem.

I’ve fixed my computer a number of times, most of which were basic issues. When someone asks me how I fix my computer, I just say that I fix their computer.

Troubleshooting common problems and diagnosing hardware is my specialty. Most of the issues I find when repairing computers are simple, such as error messages, missing drivers, broken links and all the applications that are open. Some of these problems can be fixed by applying the application registry cleaner.

In most cases I will tell the customer how to fix their computer themselves, especially when it is a simple issue such as a broken component. Then the person is free to call me in case the problem gets worse.

A personal computer has about ten thousand components. Sometimes the computer will not run at all because a part is overheating or the computer power supply is not working properly. This can be resolved by purchasing an inexpensive piece of equipment called a computer CPU cooler. These are designed to make the computer perform much better at high speeds.

When people ask me how I fix my computer, I’ll tell them to do something simple like restart the computer. This will get the computer running and will also help to reduce the possibility of any other problems from occurring.

Most of the time the repair person will just look for a solution and they will try anything. They may even ask me to change the hard drive or simply to buy a new computer!

Computers need a lot of maintenance. People should take the time to learn how to repair their computers themselves, instead of calling a repair person. It is a very effective way to keep their computers running smoothly.