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There are 3 qualities
that distinguish us from competitors


We value education and make it our mission to help you better use and enjoy your software and hardware. If you want to learn more about a specific technology issue, call us today!

Our breadth of services is wide-reaching. There is very little that we cannot do! Here are just some of our areas of expertise:

  • Installation of operating systems and program applications
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Data recovery and backup
  • Internet solutions
  • Networking
  • Regular maintenance
  • Education solutins
  • Security and firewall protection
  • Upgrades and replacement of computer hardware
  • Printer, fax, and other peripherals set up and troubleshooting
  • General and detailed diagnostics
  • Consulting and purchasing advice
  • Emergency services: on your site, on-line, or in our offices
  • Education, education, education!

Our Mission

Click-A-Geek is on a mission. To help you – our customers – better understand and have fun with technology. We appreciate speed and we understand that your time is critical.

Fixing your computer and other technology challenges is our specialty, and enhancing your computing experience is our goal. We do this by placing a strong emphasis on educating our customers, so that your overall productivity and enjoyment is lasting.

Our Vision

We are, as our name suggests, technology geeks. Our combined knowledge is unsurpassed. If you have a computer problem we will fix it. Fast, efficiently, and with the added value of education.

It is our belief that the IT industry left a void by outsourcing its most vital component: customer service. Click-A-Geek is changing that by focusing on improving the experiences of technology users though Fun, Education and Success (our core values!).