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Click-A-Geek Service is our global remote support solution.

Our innovative screen-sharing technology enables us to quickly and securely solve your computer problems or challenges while you watch and learn, wherever you may be. Click-A-Geek online technical support is Fast, Easy and Secure.

Click-A-Geek has customers all over the world who rely on our remote Click-A-Geek support. With secure and easy to use advanced screen sharing technology, we can trouble-shoot or walk you through computer challenges just like we are sitting right there with you. Even when you are overseas! Some of our customers really love us for this service.

Our remote support solution. Stay home in your p.j.’s and we’ll work with you computer-to-computer!

Our advanced screen sharing technology

lets you watch and learn as our experts draw on your screen to help illustrate a concept, install programs and drivers, and push web pages to your browser. This service is especially popular with customers living or working in remote areas, and when on business trips or vacations anywhere in the world.

We offer convenient payment options such as over-the-phone credit card transactions.

How Click-A-Geek Works

Click-A-Geek is very easy to use. New clients can simply use the Instant Support link on the top of our website to get connected. You will now be connected to one of our expert Geeks, who can chat with you online to help resolve your problem.

With your permission, your personal on-line Geek can share control of your mouse and keyboard through our advanced screen sharing technology. In this manner, a step by step solution can be demonstrated while you watch, click and learn. You ALWAYS have overriding control of your mouse and keyboard and you can end your session at any time.

Once we set up a relationship with you, we can install the “Click-A-Geek Calling Card” on your desktop; a little program which gives you DIRECT access to your favourite Geek during regular business hours. No more waiting in line or leaving voice-mails. Busy techs can respond right away via the chat feature of the calling card, and can escalate the session to remote-support as needed.

Our Click-A-Service uses 256-bit encryption and is as secure as online banking.

Call 1-888-542-GEEK to find out more!