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How many times have you asked yourself: What will be the status of my laptop battery? Without a doubt, it is a question that you ask yourself when you are using the laptop and out of nowhere, it turns off. Click A Geek Inc experts will give you some tips about how you can check the battery status of your Laptop, PC, or MAC.

In those cases you want to know the integrity of the battery, this is possible regardless of the operating system you use. In this way, you will be able to know if you need to buy a new one or, simply, what you must do is optimize the operation of the equipment so that its autonomy is adequate.

The truth is that this is very simple, which may seem somewhat surprising. But, the truth is that current batteries include a chip in which all the component information is stored, which is even used so that the computer itself knows its status and, if necessary, recommends its replacement (also this Notice is sent by default by the operating system itself if a malfunction is detected). However, what we are going to propose is to anticipate that you get a surprise and, therefore, that in a personal and anticipated way you can check the “health” of the hardware we are talking about.

Next, we are going to indicate the software that you must get, which is completely free, to be perfectly informed of the performance that can be obtained from the component we are talking about.

For Windows Users

If you have a laptop with Microsoft’s Windows operating system, there is a development that is highly recommended and that is used with surprising simplicity: NirSoft’s BatteryInfoView. This work shows all the details of the battery and, one of the most important is the state it is in (it even reports the date it was manufactured). Simple to use, it is a very useful tool.

By the way, it also offers calibration options that can be very interesting to use so that the hardware operation is totally optimal. Thus, the percentage of use that is given to the cells that make up the battery is the maximum possible.

For MAC Users

Here the development we propose is coconut Battery. This is a job that combines what always prevails in Apple’s operating system: simplicity and usability. The information is not as detailed as in the previous work, but it is not necessary to know the state of the battery and, of course, the use that is given to it (there is even an option that shows the number of cycles that have been used) .

Apart from serving Apple’s own operating system, it can also be used with iOS devices that are connected to the laptop, so its options for use are high and allow it to be an “all-in-one” for the terminals of the laptop apple company.

You can also access the system information to view the total number of cycles.