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Want your older Mac or PC to seem like new (actually BETTER than new)? Consider upgrading the old mechanical drive to a newer technology Solid State Drive (SSD).
The old mechanical drives had a platter (think CD or record player) spinning at 7200 RPM day and night. Over time the mechanical moving parts start to wear down and, much like you and I, they start to slow down a bit; taking longer and longer to perform routine tasks.
The newer technology SSDs are purely digital, with no moving parts. Upgrading to an SD can reduce your start-up time from minutes (yawn) to as little as 5 seconds. Programs also open almost instantly compared to the waiting white the cursor hypnotically spins.
SSDs cost more per GB than their mechanical counterparts, but most people are using only a small portion of their existing drive; so moving to a small SSD is not an issue.
Interested in stepping into the future with a Solid State Drive? Give us a call and we will provide a free analysis of your current drive usage and whether it is a good investment to upgrade (Hint: it almost always is worth it).





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