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Quantum computer concept is the latest buzzword on the planet. That is because Google was making a strong push to the market with its new job called Quantum Computing. Quantum computing is fundamentally the use of entangled quantum particles such as superposition and entanglement for computation. Quantum computers are known as quantum computers following Quantum mechanics are employed in the simulation of their behavior.
Google has now been able to create these new supercomputers utilizing Quantum Computing. It can consider several physical systems in the world including gravity, electromagnetic fields, and even the very fabric of time and space. As most of us know, it is a challenging matter to simulate one physical system and then use it to create another, especially when it entails entanglement. In quantum computing, Google has been able to make entangled pairs of photons or quanta of light and use these to create a single entangled quanta of light which will then create an output signal. This is where Google can choose the technology to another level.
Google’s goal with Quantum Computing would be to find a glimpse into what is on the opposite side of this quantum door, or as it’s also known, the quantum computer. This is something that lots of scientists have been waiting for a long time. If Google gets their way, it is going to be possible to mimic the behavior of a quantum computer and take it one step further to really harnessing its power and utilizing it to make a better understanding of our universe.