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4 Signs You Need To Repair Your Computer ASAP!

Even with the mobile revolution, computers still play a vital role in daily operations. We have all experienced the irritation of a non-functioning computer which not only plays havoc with your productivity but can also take a mental toll due to the frustration it causes. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the tell-tell signs that something might be up with the condition of our beloved PC and know when to seek professional computer repair services.

Here are some symptoms that you may be experiencing that should be concerning enough to get tech support to help you before a minor issue, becomes a major one!

1. Your Computer Is Running Slowly

This is rather typical. The more you use your computer, the more apps you install, the more hard drive space you consume, the slower your computer becomes.

Your computer’s hardware is trying to keep up with your changing needs, however, this isn’t always possible especially if you use memory-intensive apps at the same time.

A slow computer is one of the most obvious signs that your business needs computer repair services to at least evaluate your usage requirements versus the hardware you have.

2. You Get A “Hard Drive Failure Imminent” Message.

This is a big red-alert. Your hard drive stores all your data and if that fails, you will lose everything. Having a regular backup is critical so in case this event happens, you aren’t starting from zero again!

Continually using a computer with a damaged hard drive will require an extensive rebuild. More often than not, this will take weeks or months before your computer can work again, that’s IF the technicians can still save what’s left on your data!

A hard drive failure imminent is an indication that your hard drive is performing slowly and requires immediate repair. Not heeding any of these warnings and thinking that these messages are “just suggestions” is like driving your car on the freeway at 120 MPH ignoring the message that says your brakes are failing – DO NO DO IT!

3. You Get The “Blue Screen Of Death.”

If you have been using a computer for years, you would know that seeing a blue screen isn’t normal.

There are many reasons why you’re seeing the “blue screen of death,” but the underlying message is that something major has caused enough of a problem that your entire computer needs to be rebooted.

As these are rare, you could cautiously ignore the first time this happens making note of any vital information on the screen as to why this occurred. However, if this happens again, then it’s time to call in the pros to help resolve the issue.

4. Your Computer Runs Hot

Your computer is composed of different hardware for it to function. When you switch on your computer, it usually heats up, indicating that the hardware is starting to work. This is normal and computers have built-in fans to keep the hardware cool. However, if your computer feels unusually hot to touch, that’s a problem.

An excessively hot computer is usually caused by a clogged or damaged cooling system. Continuing to use an overheating computer can shorten its lifespan and can cause bigger problems in the long run.

I have even personally seen a computer billow out smoke as the wires melted!